Thursday, October 21, 2010

Taking The Key Body Measurements:

Measurements when pattern sewing - If you will be using a sewing pattern, keep in mind that your measurements will not exactly match the ones on the pattern. In this case you will compare your measurements to the pattern measurements to decide where you will need alterations for a better fit.

1) Apex of bust - From the base of the neck to the highest point on the bust.
2) Chest front - From armhole to armhole
3) Bust - From bust line around the fullest part of the back, (all the way around).
4) Neck to waist
5) Waist
6) Waist to hem.
7) Side waist to hem.
8) Shoulder to waist
9) Skirt yoke.
10) Hips - Measure the fullest part of the hips.
11) Inside the arm.
12) Shoulder
13) Shoulder to waist.
14) Neck (nape) to waist (back).
15) Elbow to wrist
16) Back, armhole to armhole
17) Shoulder to elbow
18) Waist (back)
19) Upper arm
20) Skirt yoke (back)
21) Hip (back)
22) Wrist
23) Elbow
24) Waist to hem.

no.5 (front) and no.18(back) are waist line.
Hip / seat circumference - Around the hip at the fullest point of the buttocks, parallel to the floor. Approximately 7" to 8" below the waist is hip (or) seat circumference. w to s means waist to seat. ie., waist to seat length.
(w to S = distance between waist and seat) standard measurement of
w to s for adult = 7" and for children = 5 ".

In this picture, i have mentioned 7" (standard length) is 'waist to seat' length. 2" means band width. ie., total band width is 2". After folding the band ie., after stitching the band , band width will become 1". Total waist band width is 7" + 2" = 9". Add ½” seam allowance at each side of upper and lower part of fabric.

one more simple method:

Chudidhar is cutting is done on bias.

(0-2) & (0-5) = 1/3 seat
(0-2) & (5-3) = 'X' (midpoint) ie., take (0-2) & (5-3) measurement
divided into two equal parts, say 'x' and ' x' and cut dotted line x-x.
for upper part, take waist band measurement given in last post.
cut the upper part on straight grain and lower part on bias. Add ½”
seam allowance at each side of upper and lower part of fabric.

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