Monday, July 16, 2012


  Required measures:-

  •       Waist length
  •       Full Length
  •      Seat Length
  •      Chest Round
  •      Waist Round
  •      Seat Round
  •      Shoulder
  •      Sleeve Length
  •      Sleeve width/Round
  •      Front neck depth

Seat length must be taken only for fitting kurta. Even the length of tucks point be taken for fitting kurta.

Full Length:          Take 3 to 4 inch more than the length from shoulder to knee. 
                               In the diagram, it is shown as A to B.
Waist Length:       Take from shoulder to waist, from A to W, in the diagram.  
                               ( The waist length is generally one third (1/3)  of the normal height.)

Seat Length:         This should be taken only for fitting kurta.
                              In the diagram, it is from A to H. 
                              Seat length should take the measure from shoulder to that point. 
                              (The length of the seat is normally one half of the normal height.)

Shoulder:              The width of the shoulder should be taken from 
                               bone on one side to the similar bone   
                              on the other side, D to D in diagram.

Chest:                  Do measure over the breast tops with the tape round the chest.  

Waist:                  Hold the tape properly round the waist and take measure.

Seat (hip round):  Hold the tape properly round the seat & take the measure.

All the above measures be in round numbers to make it easy to record.

Sleeve length:      As desired, the sleeves can taken cap, half, three fourth or
                              full as D to E in the diagram.

Sleeve round:      (Width) Take the measure of sleeve round where the sleeve ends.

Neck Depth:       Take the front neck depth as per choice.
                             If the neck is desired both front & back, then
                             take half (1/2) an inch less on both sides.



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